Friday, November 7, 2008

The Talk

How many of you have had to have the "talk" with your kids yet? This is something we're going to have to do soon with our oldest son. I've been completely happy with him being oblivious to anything of that nature, but I'm slowly realizing that he's not LOL He made a word search on his Nana's computer last weekend and was so happy to point out that the word Sex was on there but not in his list. I'm really curious what kids at school have said because that has to be where he's heard stuff.
My plan is to go to the library and see if they have books that will help him understand better. Any advice would be much appreciated though!

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Carleigh said...

We've had the talk with the seven year old. We've gradually introduced the idea to him since he was about three years old when he said, "Mom, cats can't get married so how do they have kittens?"

Each time he asks something new about it and we answer with what he's ready for. Within the past year, we've had the talk very scientifically about how the man fertilizes the woman's egg.

Anyway, I'm lucky b/c he's pretty perceptive and it's been a slow build up based upon his maturity level.

The talk is going to be difficult when it's time for my second son because we will not have had the gentle build up--these thoughts don't cross his mind. Oh well. I'll come looking for you then. lol.