Thursday, November 6, 2008


You ever sit and look at your life and wonder how it is moving so incredibly fast? I do all the time. Kasy is almost 10, Alex is almost 7, and they are growing up way too fast. Max is now walking and trying to talk and acts like a big kid already. Codiak is in school now and loving it as well! Oh and more news, we have another one coming in May 2009! I've heard things ranging from "You're CRAZY!" to "Is this just to try for a girl?" I will honestly say that this one was a surprise and we will be happy with whatever we get :) A girl WOULD be nice, but a boy would be just as special too :)


TerraSpirit said...

I am always amazed at how fast life speeds by. My 19 year old is in university for pete's sakes! LOL
And this pregnancy is rushing forward so fast...
Little D is changing from a baby into a little boy.... *sigh* scary.

Blessed with Blue said...

I cannot imagine my kid in college. But sadly it's coming up faster and faster. Kasy will be 10 in Feb., which means in 7 to 8 years he'll be applying for college, etc. That is spooky to me!