Friday, March 14, 2008

Still Busy!

We are still busy busy organizing and purging in this house. We're wanting to get rid of stuff so as we put it away, we're going through it. That makes unpacking and setting a new house up a VERY Long process LOL We're getting there though :)
The boys are busy as well. We had that dreaded "influenza" hit our house thanks to the elementary school. Kaseman luckily was only sick 1 day, Bug was sick for 6 days with 103 degree fever, Cody and Max don't have it too bad (Max has an ear infection, Cody just cold symptoms so far) and the hubby got it pretty bad for a few days.
Are you all ready for spring??? We had a taste of spring with 78 degree weather last night. It didn't last though as it SNOWED and sleeted that night LOL This week we hit 60s and now tomorrow we're getting snow again. I wish mother nature would make up her mind!

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