Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tis the season for birthdays!!!

Kaseman and Bug are about to have yet another birthday each. I cannot believe how fast these kids are growing up! On Sunday, Kasy will be 9 years old. He is having his first big friend birthday party too. I'm excited yet nervous for it. I'm scared that not everyone will come and he will have to deal with the heartache of being disappointed on this birthday. I'm also afraid that he won't have as much fun as he thinks (he's really blown this up in his mind to be the best thing in the world), and that he'll be disappointed then too. I know it's life, but I really hope I can make this birthday the best birthday ever for him. He's growing up WAY too fast and he's really becoming a smart young man. This is his last year in single digits and I can't believe how big he is.
Bug will be turning 6 next friday as well. He is excited about his birthday too. We will be going to my husbands parents house for his birthday weekend for a little party.
Next week I will be making two sets of cupcakes as well and I'm trying to think of some creative ones that all of the kids would love. In the past I have made Cows, Pigs, and colors. The cows and pigs took a LOT of time, but it was SOOO neat to see all the kids get excited and Kasy was very impressed with his birthday cupcakes in class.

Anybody have any recipes for fun kids cupcakes that would be great for class????

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PamperingBeki said...

Well you're more creative than me but what about cupcakes in ice cream cones? I've done those a few times and the kids love them! Plus they're less messy.