Saturday, January 5, 2008

Long time no blog....

We've been dealing with virus after virus in this house between the 4 boys, then we had Christmas with family, then New Years. Hopefully life will calm for a bit now :)
I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season this year!
Life is still fun in our household.
From the mouth of my 5 year old while playing the game "sorry" with the two big boys. I sent my husband back to his "start" area, and he looked at me and said "I know where you sleep!" just kidding around. Within not even 2 seconds, my 5 year old looked up and said "Yeah, right next to you!" and went on playing the game. I have NO clue how he is this quick, but this kid is funny LOL
We live on a base where there are B-2 Airplanes and he has it in his head as well that he is the one to clean them. If we drive by the flightline and see one sitting out, he will seriously getting upset saying that someone left his B-2 out and now he's going to have to spend all night washing it to get it ready for tomorrow. The child has quite the imagination. It makes me wonder what he'll be when he grows up!
Anybody else have any kids with big imaginations? Share some funny stories :)

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