Sunday, November 25, 2007

Off in La La Land......

Do you ever wonder why you have the life you have? Why were you given the certain children you were given? I do....I know I can't be alone out there, can I? LOL Not that I think there is anything wrong with my children, because I don't. And I cannot imagine my life without any one of them. They all bring a part to this family that I don't feel would be whole without them.
But I do wonder why we couldn't have a daughter. Our last two "tries" were for a girl. I read on the internet all the tricks to "conceive" a daughter, yet ours failed. I wonder all of the time what raising a daughter would be like. To finally have someone like me in the family. I sit here right now and watch the 5 yr old and 2 year old wrestling in the living room, the 8 year old is trying to be a referee and the baby is watching them like they are insane *LOL* What would a little girl be doing in this situation? My luck is that I would have had a tomboy (like me LOL) and she probably would be right in the middle of it winning. I see all of these families around me who have atleast one of each, and I wonder why they were able to, but I wasn't. People still ask me all of the time if we're going to go for that girl still, to which I reply no. Four boys is plenty LOL If money wasn't an object I'd have 10 kids, but this day in age it's very hard the more kids you have! With all of the sports, clothing, then college, etc.
To me, it's not that I want a "girl." I want a "daughter."

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PamperingBeki said...

I think it's a perfect reminder that God is in control, not us. I'd love to think that I am, but in reality He is. He chose each specific child for our family. And He chose the absolute perfect parents for our children. No one else would be as great a mom to those boys as you are. Only He knows what he has in store... :)